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6 tips for choosing a printing service that won’t disappoint you

11 March 2018

With modern technology and some capital, it gets really easy to find a printing company. But when it comes to results, having good machines is not always enough. That’s why choosing the right printing service may be harder than it seems. Here’re some tips for choosing a printing service company that won’t disappoint you:

Knowing your expectations

The first thing to do is know exactly what you want and what you expect or need from the printing services. Knowing that will ensure you distribute priority on different aspects such as ink used, technique, price, finishing, customer services, etc.

Choose experience

As we said before, nice machines are not always enough to ensure a good printing service. Make sure the company you’ll choose has experienced workers and salesperson, and if not, at least make sure they’re prepared and not just some kid that’s getting paid to click a “start” button.

Do some research on quality

If you already have some options in mind, it would be very helpful if you requested some samples on their previous work (as well as checking on social networks, etc) so you can actually check the quality of the printing service.

Attitude and customer support

Make sure the printing company is as excited to be your partner as you are about your project. Remember that printing will be some kind of card presentation and the punctuality and quality of the results will say a lot about your project. On time delivery is very important when it comes to events, press releases or conferences.


Yes, we all want to save as much money as we can but in these matters, economy always pays its cost in other ways. So, be sure of what you’re paying for, lest after you have to pay for another service.

Would you need logistics?

If you know you’re going to distribute the printed material locally or nationally, we recommend you choose a printing service that includes that logistic so you won’t have to hire that service separately and spend much more money.

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