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Calendar Printing Malaysia

18 July 2016

When it comes to promoting your products and services in Malaysia, calendar printing Malaysia is one of your best marketing. While you have overwhelming choices to make, you should never forget your goal is to boost your business, creating a stronger brand. However, to get the best printing job for your company calendar, you have to avoid some promotional pitfalls.

Calendar Printing Malaysia Tips

1. Avoid stock photos.
To make a personalized calendar that will represent your company or business, then the best is to avoid stock photos. You may consider to hire freelance photographer to take photos that are relevant to your business and send them out to your print shop to print.

2. Don’t go for low quality calendar printing job.
Everybody knows black and white printing is cheap but you won’t do well for your promotional materials without using nice and brilliant colors. Use full color printing for your job even if it will cost you some money, but it will definitely worth of investment. Not only incorporating full colors, you should also bring in your nicely taken business photos to present the ideas. Your calendar is enough to tell the world about you. You should also make sure you improve on your designs for your customers to know how much you care about your business and them.

3. Don’t forget to include your products and services.
Never become engrossed in your design till you forget the exact reason why you are doing your printing. Your products and services should not be left out in your design. They should be stylishly introduced in your calendar with beautiful pictures and illustrations. This is the actual promotion you want to do. Other designs are just carriages to put your information into the hands of prospective customers. Product knowledge information and your corporate information are best placed in the footer of your calendar printing project.

4. Don’t feel your customers already know your company or business.
Calendar printing Malaysia can enable you to get new customers and also remind your old customers that you are very much available when you are needed by them. Your printing should not be a stereotyped one. They should be entertaining while they offer your customers the necessary information needed to patronize you for business. Your slogan, work terms, logo, contact information and other branding apparatus should be included to make your calendar a promotional material. You may consider to use hot-stamping or spot UV to make it stand out.

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