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Creative Ways To Print Calendar 2018

01 August 2017

A calendar is more than just a list of dates and events; it tells a story of you or your community. With everything that people juggle today, it’s no wonder why calendars have become such an important role to keeping us organized. We know that it can keep track of important dates and events. But sometimes its presentation can be a little dull or boring. It is already enough with the fact that it defines our life and tells us what to do. In order to make your dates and appointments a little bit more fun and suited for you there are many ways to turn the things around and print a calendar in a unique way

Creative Ways To Print Calendar 2018

Even though planning is something very important, this action for some of us can come very difficult; while Google calendars are useful, they’re not the most inspirational. Because of this reason everybody looks for something unique and singular in a calendar, whether that’s plenty of space for itemizing a day or a broad stroke of the year as a whole, there are many ways to print a calendar or ideas to customize it to your preference.

  • You can organize the calendar with all the month’s manes written vertically and beneath each month all the numbers in a straight vertical line so that after you print it you can place a bubble wrap paper on top of each number and pop it as the days go by. That way, you can experience the start of a new day.
  • There is a way you can make a 12 face origami ball and print each month on each face of the piece. Use the color of your preference and put your hands to work
  • Instead printing the typical one monthly page calendar you can print a card for each day. Each card will contain cryptic rectangles which reveal the date when placed inside a matrix of squares on the face of a cubic container. Each day you can pull out the date just passed, move it to the back and the next date is displayed. If a certain date is significant such as Christmas or Halloween, then that is displayed on the back.
  • You can print a calendar on matte black PVC paper, making it possible to mark down important events and reminders with chalk and easily erase mistakes. Each date can also be printed with white and silver scratch-able ink, which leaves different traces depending on the material you use to scratch it off with.

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