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What kinds of paper bag materials do we offer?

28 January 2018

Paper bag printing is so much more than a simple pretty bag; it’s the first impression your clients or customers will receive when they get the package. A lot can be said only by a bag and catching eyes is definitely one of their primary functions, who wouldn’t want their brand being the center of the attention?

That’s why in DRB printing, we offer you a variety of paper bag printing in full color with the possibility of personalizing your brand logo and designs. Sizes can be also customizable or you might order the standard size for a lower price and you can even select from our different finishing: gloss & matt lamination, spot UV, Hot Stamping or UV varnish. Finally, the only thing that is rarely customized is the inside face that usually is plain white while the outside face is the printed one. Check out our paper bag printing services

Which materials do we offer for your paper bag printing?

  •    Simili paper: the thinner option for a very light bag. Simili paper is the cheapest option in paper bag materials. it might be a little bit yellowish and the quality is good.
  •    Art paper:  thicker than simili, art paper is definitely a better quality material while its price is obviously higher too. A little bit heavier than simili, art paper is completely white and with a texture that improves the ink adherence.
  •    Craft paper: really strong a durable, craft paper is the right material for a little heavier packing. Made out of synthetic pulp, it has a really high elasticity so it won’t tear apart as easily as simili or art paper.
  •    Art Card: the thickest of all, it might vary from 190gsm to 360gsm, with a high ink adherence and superior quality material. As it might seem a little bit expensive, these paper bags will last longer and carry heavier products than any other paper bag materials.