Raw materials used for custom paper bags

05 May 2019

Many companies are adapting to the safe environment drive ensuring that they produce reusable grocery bags. Apart from being environment-friendly, it is also allowing enough space for the companies to grow. Therefore, companies are adopting various materials and fabrics to make custom paper bags with handles. Some are strong and some weak. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. But the prominent advantage in all the case is that it is extremely helpful and reusable.

Some of the prominent raw materials used for making custom paper bags with handles include the following

Organic cotton is used for making cotton bags. Apart from that, recycled and traditional cotton also has an important role to play in making the bags. Since cotton is available in different density, some may be heavy, some light. The cost of dense cotton bags is usually more than the lighter ones.

The cotton custom bags have the reusable ability. Not only are they smooth, but strong as well. Their biodegradable nature makes them environment-friendly. However, the only problem is that the production charge is high and can be easily damaged by the moisture.

If you do not want to use a silk bag because it is too expensive, then you should give nylon a try. Nylon bags are durable and strong. This synthetic polymer is usually used in place of silk and is used for making different clothes such as tights, track pants and even in umbrellas. One major advantage is that these can be easily maintained.

You can fold nylon bags and keep them which makes it easily transportable and allows easy storage. Nonetheless, if you use the nylon bags for too long, its appearance may get tattered and may become crumpled.

Polyester is the most common type of fabric used in clothes. Polyester is also used for making drink bottles. Invented long back, polyester is one of the most used materials for making custom bags with handles. Initially, it was the cheapest fabric, but with time, it has advanced and become one of the most efficient fabrics. Polyester bags are resistant to water and can be easily folded. It cannot easily break down. However, the heavy usage of these bags can lead to breakage.

If you thought hemp was only used on the fields, then maybe you are wrong. Hemp fiber these days is extensively used for preparing custom bags with handles. They are strong and durable. One major advantage is that these organic bags are easily reusable. Hemp bags are very strong and therefore do not rot away easily and can be recycled too. It has a smooth texture and soft to touch. Many people prefer washing hemp custom bags in the machine to ensure the longevity of the bags.

While all the bags are made of different materials, usually jute, cotton or rope fabric is used for making the handles of the custom bags. This, however, varies depending on the personal preference of the individual. You should always go for these environmentally friendly options, rather than the normal ones. For custom paper bag printing, kindly request quote from us.