Booklet and magazine stitching process. Close-up of the offset conveying process of a full-automatic stitching unit.

How to select the right booklet for advertising

09 April 2018

Selecting the right booklet for your advertising campaign definitely is a challenge since there’re lots of factors to take into consideration. Here is some advice that you’ll surely find useful on your booklet selection question:

Design considerations

  • Stock: thin stock is usually the best option for regular purposes since they’re easy to carry and the thinner the paper, the more booklets you can print for a minimum price. On the other hand, thicker paper is much more resistant and feels more serious; it’s ideal for promotional booklets as well as reports.
  • Finishes: glossy or matte both are stylish but when it comes to glamour, glossy stands out while the sober elegant style goes perfect with matte, also matte is better for avoiding fingerprints.
  • Color choice: try to stick to the concept of your brand, but if you can choose B&W and still look appealing, it will definitely save on costs.
  • Size: programs or instruction guides don’t need to be really big while manuals or the likes would need much more space to be approachable for the client.

Most used types of booklet binding

  • Stitched: with a minimum of 4 pages, this booklet consists on at least 2 sheets folded and stapled on the folded spine. It’s ideal for event programs or small magazines.
  • Perfect Bound: for larger booklets, this binding consists of single sheets glued on the left corner with heat. With a higher quality finish, it may get up to 100 sheets so it’s ideal for fancy magazines and beauty product catalogs.
  • Wiro: the common spiral spine booklets, they’re the most cost-effective option but not a real luxury one. They’re ideal for manuals or functional catalogs. The number of pages is variable.

Tips for improving your advertising campaign’s booklets

  • Use outstanding, high-quality images and design.
  • Be technical, use a booklet to let people know details about your business
  • Make your booklet advertising useful; tricks, cookbooks, life planners etc are excellent booklet choices for branding.

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