It is recommended for companies to have their own custom-made wall and/or desktop calendar to display their company’s logo, name or photo as well as to keep track of important dates, events and appointments. In DRB we offer a wide selection of wall and desktop calendars. You may also choose between ready-made or personalize design!

Sampul Duit Raya Printing

Ready Made Design 2021

Sampul Duit Raya Printing Sampul Duit Raya Printing Sampul Duit Raya Printing

Table Calendar [DRB 101-106 8″(W) x 6″(H)]

Table Calendar [DRB 201-206 8.5″(W) x 7″(H)]

Racing Horse Table Calendar [DRB 301 5.94″(W) x 6.93″(H)]

Short Racing Horse Wall Calendar [SRH 401-408]

Special Vintage Paper [DRB 801]