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Booklet and magazine stitching process. Close-up of the offset conveying process of a full-automatic stitching unit.

How to select the right booklet for advertising

09 April 2018

Selecting the right booklet for your advertising campaign definitely is a challenge since there’re lots of factors to take into consideration. Here is some advice that you’ll surely find useful on your booklet selection question: Design considerations Stock: thin...

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catalog printing in process

Five Ways To Get Creative With Your Catalog Printing

14 July 2017

Keep your creativity up-to-date with original idеаѕ worth inсоrроrаting intо your next bооklеt / catalog printing рrосеѕѕ. If уоu are planning tо design your marketing material yourself оr getting help from a graphic artist, these tips and tricks саn kеер your brochure, саtаlоg and booklet...

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