non woven bags printing malaysia

Non Woven Bags Printing Malaysia

03 September 2017

Today, these are fairly common non woven bags, although this tissue specific dates back to some years ago, when used for example for the clothing a staff that worked in hospitals, among others. Today, these are increasingly common and one of the main uses has been attributed is using this as grocery bags, quite innovative option, right? This technique has allowed and promoted the ecological development in terms of the amount of plastic bags used in the industry and that these are a very original and comfortable solution.

Fundamental elements in the non woven bags Printing:

Special Machines: These are not common bags that we tend to find in the markets which as its name suggests are woven, they can be created with different shapes, from type t-shirt that are quite usual, flat or three-dimensional. Generally, these are done by automatic machines programmed to perform any of these, and many other styles currently used for this type of bags.

It is based on Serigraphy: using this technique, non woven bags printing is performed using the reproduction of an image on any material, transferring the ink through a mesh that is braided in a frame. Only covers the area that you want to with ink because in the area that is not covered by the image that you want to transfer applies a varnish which prevents the passage of the same.

The system is repetitive: once the impression of the image can be repeated for more than hundreds or even thousands of times allowing the mass reproduction in the product.

There is a specific type of the machines to do this successfully.

  • Printer is framed and performs an emulsion with a photosensitive material in such a manner as to make contact with the light harden the parties free of royalty and by washing is diluted the part not exposed.
  • Any material: Serigraphy printing can be carried out on paper, fabric, plastic, acrylic, glass and almost any material. You can choose between several designs that could be easily done.

There is no doubt about the relevance that has taken on the bags with this peculiarity. In particular and therefore, we must be aware of all the innovations carried out in regard to non woven bags printing, not only the functional character of the material in which they are developed as their resistance to low and high temperatures, wet, as well as low cost and durability that make these kind of bags, a really attractive tool. Also the multiple designs in which they can be found and its combination of materials are vital in the business. The creativity deployed in each print is vital for the same. Check out our services : non woven bag printing